Vivian Suter featured at Palacio de Velázquez in Madrid

The Palacio de Velázquez in Madrid’s Retiro Park presents a solo-exhibition of works by Argentinean-Swiss artist Vivian Suter.

The show – running until 2 May 2022 – is organised by Museo Reina Sofía and explores Suter’s approach to abstract painting and materials. Her work brilliantly continues to evoke the natural environment including references to natural shapes, such as treetops, volcanic peaks or watery surfaces. Although the exhibition does not follow a chronological order, Suter also showcases her oldest paintings, made from the early 80s, a rare opportunity to rediscover them.

Her work draws interesting relationships between two cultures. Her canvases are the product of a fusion between the western world and Guatemalan culture where she has spent significant time: different techniques, visions and ways of thinking merge through paint, canvas and references to nature. Unlike the classic image of the foreign artist interested in exoticism, Suter positions herself as an outsider who creates new parallels between distinct viewpoints and cultures.

During her Buenos Aires childhood, Suter used to play hide and seek among the fabrics at the Estampería Belgrano, the family printwork studio. In this exhibition, the Palacio de Velázquez returns to being a childhood playground and nods to the artist’s playful side. Viewers are invited to wander around the vibrant pieces, and experience sizes, textures and space through works that interplay with the building’s glass and iron dome architecture.

Image: the installation at the Palacio de Velázquez was conceived by the artist herself taking into account the architectural characteristics of this unique building.