Bride is Alive


ART IS ALIVE is an independent editorial platform launched in London in 2007 by editor Nicolas Smirnoff. Restructured in 2016, the magazine was conceived for an audience searching for news covering the full spectrum of the arts, featuring exclusive interviews, and offering a digest on creativity around the world and “moments of digital contemplation”. Oh and lots of David Bowie too.

“I believe there are no boundaries between contemporary art, fashion, architecture, design, music, dance and performing arts.” – Nicolas Smirnoff, 2007.

Celebrating its 10 anniversary in 2017, ART IS ALIVE’s highlights have included exclusive interviews with Tilda Swinton, Hans Ulrich Obrist, Marianne Faithfull, Bella Freud, Django Django, Susie Bubble and fascinating conversations with Helena Christiensen, Etiene Deroeux, Diane Pernet, Paul Smith, Pandemonia, Lorenzo Martone among many other  stories. ART IS ALIVE is a reference to James Whale’s 1935 film “the Bride of Frankenstein”. After tiresome experiments, Henry Frankenstein, the main character, manages to bring the Bride to life and famously cries “She’s alive! Alive!”. The title also refers to the punk movement’s phrase and Crass song “Punk is Dead”.