Photography Now by Charlotte Jansen

Photography Now: Fifty Pioneers Defining Photography for the Twenty-First Century is a must-have book published by Ilex in partnership with Tate, and distributed by Hachette UK.

In this important publication, Charlotte Jansen, Editor-at-Large of Elephant Magazine, writer and freelance journalist questions the role of both photography and photographers through a compilation of fifty profiles of significant photographers working in different contexts and exploring overlapping genres, here by defining what photography can be.

In the introduction to the book, Jansen remarks: “Does photography still have a role as an artistic medium? An artist picking up their camera (whatever form it takes) might feel the act is futile; it might even be a more audacious statement to resist the impulse and not take photographs at all. Yet this book proves, through the images and ideas of fifty living artists, there is always more to say. In revealing the complexities of our photographic psyche, these artists have significantly shifted the discourse on photography not only as an art form but also, through its purpose and place in the world, as as a form of activism that can hold a mirror to the contemporary condition.”

Interpretations of the medium, subject matters, depictions and visions vary widely from one photographer to the next, but they all share in common sharp ways to understand the world and humanity. Are photographers artists, activists, poets, photojournalists etc.? The possibilities are endless with photography. The book humbly examines these definitions through precise biographies, and highlights of these luminaries. Susan Meiselas, Nan Goldin, Hiroshi Sugimoto, Hiroshi Sugimoto, Paul Mpagi Sepuya, and Martin Parr are some of the photographers featured in this new and needed publication.