Peter Blake at Waddington Custot

Peter Blake: Time Traveller, is a fantastic exhibition presented at Waddington Custot in Cork Street, London, until 13 August 2021.

The show focuses on Blake’s impressive career and brings together museum loans, video narrated by Blake himself, new and historical works to reexamine the British artist’s eternal exploration of colours, collages, and compositions.

A new monograph, Peter Blake: Collage, which includes a foreword by Blake’s friend David Hockney, will be published by Thames & Hudson to coincide with the exhibition. 

From his found object constructions, including figurines, daily objects, and toys, to his most recent digital print photo-collages, Blake has broadened the scope of what assemblage represents and how it can offer new meanings.

Peter Blake: Time Traveller also charts the beginnings of one of the most important British artists. Kurt Schwitters, Robert Rauschenberg, Lee Miller, The Beatles and American pop culture undeniably influenced Blake’s own practice.

The work on view show Blake’s ability to combine unrelated, distinct items into one cohesive artwork through a unique visual language that has marked collective consciousness. This distinct pictorial language is both decipherable and intriguing.