Amazing Art Adventures by Yolanda Zappaterra

“Amazing Art Adventures”, published by Frances Lincoln and authored by writer and editor Yolanda Zappaterra is the ultimate travel guide to experience pioneering art installations around the globe.

Zappaterra has written about travel, art and architecture for over twenty years for publications including Time Out and Blueprint. She guides us through the world’s most spectacular collections, artworks and places.

The fully illustrated book features sculpture parks, experiential exhibitions, hidden monuments and rarely publicized pieces in museums which expand viewer’s awareness of what art is and how it can be presented. It groups hundreds of unexpected indoor and outdoor destinations to view memorable works.

The fantastic book showcases around 400 hundred immersive artworks dispersed among the seven continents. From the Yorkshire Sculpture park, outdoor installations at the Louisiana Art Museum in Copenhagen, James Turrell’s Sky Garden in Ireland to Yayoi Kusama’s giant pumpkin at Naoshima island, UCCA Dune Museum in China, and Rothko’s Seagram murals at Tate Modern to name some, “Amazing Art Adventures” should be in every traveller’s pockets.

“The main question I asked myself was ‘will everyone reading about this work, space or place, whether they know everything there is to know about art or have never set foot in a gallery find something wonderful, extraordinary, remarkable or memorable in it, something that makes them want to experience it first-hand?” remarked Yolanda Zappaterra in her brilliant introduction.

Expect to discover new places you’ve not heard of, outside the regular touristic guides. “Amazing Art Adventures” takes a different approach and allows both art experts and new aficionados to learn about fascinating cultural destinations.