Elmgreen & Dragset’s ‘short story’ at at König Galerie

‘Short Story’ is a freeze frame installation by artists Elmgreen & Dragset running until 2 August 2020, at König Galerie, Berlin, in the upper gallery, the Nave, at St. Agnes.

Prompting questions on issues of childhood, competition and game, Elmgreen & Dragset’s Short Story features an almost full-size tennis court, slightly raised off the ground. In a corner behind the tennis court, the figure of an elderly man half asleep in his wheelchair complements the scenario.  The white-painted figurative bronze sculptures of the boys are placed diagonally at opposing ends of the playing field. Why did one boy win? Why is the other boy on the ground? Is the third character dreaming about this scene? The installation invites viewers to think about the scenario of this scene and challenges perception, story-telling and fake realities.



Images: Roman März. Courtesy of Elmgreen & Dragset and König Galerie, Berlin, London, Tokyo.