Derek Jarman’s Garden by Thames&Hudson

Last March, the Art Fund announced that artist and filmmaker Derek Jarman’s cottage in Dungeness, had been saved from being privately acquired, thanks to an awareness campaign led by icon and the artist’s muse Tilda Swinton.

Derek Jarman’s Garden, published by Thames&Hudson, celebrates this quirky and fascinating place in the South East of England. It is the last book Jarman ever wrote and therefore carries an emotional power. Like the garden itself, it remains an astounding memorial to a cultural figure who created an artistic place in front of Dungeness’ nuclear power station. What a symbol!

More than 150 photographs taken from 1991 by his friend and photographer Howard Sooley illustrate the book and reveal the garden at all its different stages. Garden shows Jarman’s genius at arranging artefacts and found objects, as well as composing remarkable geometrical patterns and introducing rare seeds.

This book is Derek Jarman’s own record of how this garden evolved, from its earliest beginnings in 1986 to the last year of his life; this is a must-have ‘autobiography through horticultural and artistic experiments’.