Giorgio Griffa at Camden Arts Centre



The Turin-born Arte Povera-associated artist Giorgio Griffa is celebrated at the Camden Arts Centre, London, with an exhibition running until 8 April 2018. Art Critic Roberta Smith wrote about Griffa: “His art deserves a place in the global history of abstraction”.

A Continuous Becoming honours Griffa’s oeuvre with works spanning from the 1960s to today evoking mathematics, quantum energy, music and colours.

“Fundamentally, music, poetry, and painting have all worked with the first element of human knowledge, which is rhythm’ he tells me, ‘the rhythm of sowing and harvesting, the rhythm of the sun, of day and night.” Griffa said about the role of music in his work.

Believing in the ‘intelligence of painting’, Griffa allows the essential elements of his process, such as the type or width of the brush, the colour or dilution of the paint and the nature of the canvas, whether linen, cotton, hemp or jute, to influence and form the work. Griffa’s approach is performative and time-based – often working horizontally on the floor, his rhythmic, formal gestures soak into the unprimed and unstretched material. Suggesting the ongoing and organic life of the painting, lines and brushstrokes are deliberately cut short and the canvas is never filled; never a finished or complete object, but a process viewed in the moment.