Martin Parr to open exhibition space in Bristol in October


Following the footsteps of French photographer and Magnum Agency founder Cartier-Bresson, British photographer Martin Parr will open an exhibition space in Bristol next October. The Martin Parr foundation was set up in 2014.

The news comes up after Tate’s announcement that the museum has acquired 12,000 photobooks. Built up over 25 years, Parr’s collection covers a wide range of subject matters, geographies and spectrum of photographic techniques. Thanks to the LUMA Foundation’s support, the acquisition places Tate as an institutional world leader in the representation of photography. Maja Hoffmann’s LUMA foundation, dedicated to photography should open in Arles soon.

“The Foundation will support and preserve the legacy of photographers who made, and continue to make important work focused on the British Isles.” said Martin Parr in September.

The Martin Parr Foundation will showcase a collection of post-war documentary photography including works by Keith Arnatt, Richard Billingham,  Elaine Constantine, John Davies, Paul Graham, Ken Grant, John Hinde,  Peter Mitchell,  Tony Ray-Jones, Paul Reas, Simon Roberts, Graham Smith, Tom Wood and Eamonn Doyle.

Martin Parr’s archive held by the Foundation will consist of works spanning Parr’s career from his student days to the present too.

Jenni Smith has been appointed Director of the Martin Parr Foundation. Six trustees have also been appointed and will meet twice a year. The Foundation is also working closely with the University of the West of England, and will exhibit the final show of their newly established MA Photography course.

Image: Copyright: Martin Parr / Magnum Photos