When in Ibiza: stay at the chic and discreet boutique hotel Cas Gasi


Look no further for your next stay in Ibiza: Cas Gasi is the best family-friendly hotel of the island. The private atmosphere and fantastic natural landscape make it unique. The property feels like a member’s club – in the London sense – without being one. This royal family-owned villa offers the best services, restaurant and amenities for a relaxing and healthy rural stay in Ibiza.

Located close to Santa Gertrudis, a cute village with plenty of arts and crafts shops, fashiony cafés and beautiful squares, the vast property of Cas Gasi was bought by its owners Luis and Margaret 28 years ago as a lovely home for their family. It was converted into a boho-chic private hotel in 1998. Today, it boasts 12 exclusive and uniquely-styled rooms featuring beautiful curtains, natural and wooden tones, rich ceramics, Fender sound systems, oriental carpets, elegant furniture and modern amenities. It is stylish, bon goût and very comfortable. Bathrooms are large, gorgeous and display French cosmetic La Biosthetique Paris products.

Sustainability and organic agriculture have always been part of the family’s lifestyle and this conceptual framework takes centre stage in the experience. Clients who share this mindset and these values will enjoy Cas Gasi. The gastronomy is excellent, always from the picturesque gardens, locally sourced and cooked products following Mediterranean recipes. All properties and flavours of the ingredients are preserved and respected. Agroturismo isn’t a light label and Cas Gasi takes it very seriously!

The landscape is perfect for meditation or yoga classes, available at the hotel. Amazing views with olive trees, vegetable lands and typical Mediterranean landscape offer the best setting for relaxation.

A number-one choice for Kate Moss and Richard Gere, highest-quality and top service make this home-far-way-from-home hotel a stand-alone in the party-crazy island. Returning guests always feel like family and can enjoy all the privacy they need for their stay. To this end, most of the hotel – its rich library of fashion, design and art titles, the spa, the swimming pool and restaurant are open to all residents only.

The front-of-house greeting is relaxed, nice, discreet, very personal yet extremely professional. Members of staff are always on hands just when you need them, with good advice or smart suggestions on what to do and where to go in Ibiza. This makes the difference with any other places in Ibiza.

Margaret von Korff, Cas Gasi owner and director welcomes guests personally. Here she kindly shared the history of the property and talks to Art is Alive about the design and inspiration for interiors:

What’s the inspiration behind the design and architecture?
Natural materials and colours follow the island’s traditions. From this important starting point, creativity and inspiration have been at work. We’ve added splashes of colour here and there, here by creating an evolving environment where iconic pieces of furniture, antique family pieces and other meaningful works from vintage recuperation sites, local antiquity shops and auction houses, every now and then, eventually find a new home.

How would you describe the soul of the hotel?
The soul of the hotel is the free spirit of the island, combined with the natural ease and flow of Cas Gasi, which creates a sense of belonging.

What’s the best asset: the comfort, the design, the gastronomy, the strategic
What you mention are four pillars which without doubt are essential to Cas Gasi‘s guests. However, the best asset of this hotel is by far its authenticity. There is no corporate ambition in the Cas Gasi project. It’s a hotel with a heart.

Did any celebrities stay at the hotel before and has it served any fashion shoots?
Cas Gasi has discreetly hosted celebrities and royalty throughout the years and is proud of having them as returning guests. The property has served during low season as a base to many photo shoots for the most prestigious photographers, both as a location and as an accommodation for clients. The very best of stylists, models, make-up and hair artists have worked at Cas Gasi.

Your 5 top-things to do while in Ibiza?
1. Always watch the scene wherever you go. Use lateral thinking when absorbing it. Most of the important fashion companies send people over to spot new trends. There are real gems hidden among the incredible offer. Check the beach stands or markets, and the local designers.
2. Some people follow the crowds. If you prefer to go independent, look for hidden beaches, you’ll usually find quiet spots a bit further away.
3. Allow yourself a while of hedonism to taste the glamour of the island’s summer. You can retire to tranquillity whenever you wish.
4. Absorb the energy of the island! Let yourself go by dancing to the best music or reconnect with yourself through yoga and meditation. Get out of yourself or search for yourself. Ibiza gives you all these options.
5. In Winter the walks through the quiet countryside and coast couldn’t be better!
You feel awareness with every step.

Tell us more about your favourite secret spots in Ibiza ?
Most of my favourite spots are not really secret, but I have made them mine.
1.The plaza in our village Santa Gertrudis.
2. The beautiful protected natural parc of “Salinas” with its wildlife and flora, and the still quiet little coves and beaches away from the popular beach of Salinas.
3. The old town of “Dal’t Vila”.
4. The island of Espalmador with its amazing unspoilt beach and turquoise waters, especially where it meets the sister island of Formentera. My children used to call it “the most beautiful place in the world”.

Luis and Margaret are owners of a small but elaborate art collection which is increasing with time. It is for personal enjoyment and pleasure displayed in the hotel and its gardens. Most of the artists are friends or acquaintances of the couple and have special ties to the island. The pieces are sourced mainly through personal relationships, or through the local auction house. A little shop showcasing a selection of cool and stylish products is fantastic.

By private transfer or taxi, Cas Gasi is only 18 min from the airport (18 km). Alternatively guests can pick up a rental car at the airport and drive to Sant Rafael, turn right, direction Santa Eularia, turn left at the roundabout of the Hippodrom towards St.Mateo and Agroturismo and then follow the signs to Cas Gasi. Or to Santa Gertrudis, then direction St.Mateo, and then follow the signs to the hotel.

Thanks Margaret for her warm welcoming and top tips. The olive oil produced on the property is of the highest quality and should hit blue-chip restaurants around the world soon!













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