The Rolling Stones: Exhibitionism at the Saatchi Gallery



Exhibitionism, the major exhibition devoted to the legendary rock’n’roll band is on for less than a month now at the Saatchi Gallery (running until 4th September) and it’s highly recommended if you haven’t seen it yet. Due to popular demand, it’s now possible to book late night visits.

Clearly inspired by David Bowie Is presented at the V&A in 2013, the show opens on a fantastic wide screen featuring historical footage of the band in rehearsal, in concert, interviews and casual situations. Visitors are immediately immersed into the atmosphere surrounding the band and the spirit of the 60s. From the first few minutes in the show, one feels that Exhibitionism is more of an experience than an academic presentation.

Describing the inspiration for the show, Keith Richards said “While this is about the Rolling Stones, it’s not necessarily just about the members of the band. It’s also about all the paraphernalia and technology associated with a band, like as well as the instruments that have passed through our hands over the years, that will make the exhibition really interesting.”.

A long corridor with quotes by Mick and Keith later takes you inside ‘Edith Grove’, their first dirty shared flat in Chelsea, a personal glimpse into the emerging rock’n’roll lifestyle. Exhibitionism is  conceived as a total Rolling Stones experience. Curated over 9 thematic rooms, the exhibition projects visitors into the band’s creative process highlighting the technical side of the production of the albums, the tours and the visuals.

Stage designs, tour posters, guitars, lyric books, backstage and touring items, album art, rare photography, clothes, videos, diaries, and never before released audio and behind-the-scenes footage make this exhibition exhilarating.

Highlights include a fantastic gallery of original costumes worn by the band across the years featuring celebrated designers as diverse as Alexander McQueen, Prada, Dior, and Jean Paul Gaultier. Throughout the exhibition, it’s striking to realise that the Rolling Stones have selected only the best to create their image. Artists, filmmakers and photographers including David Bailey, Martin Scorsese, Jeff Koons and Shepard Fairey have all helped the band shape their visual identity.

Exhibitionism culminates in a mind-blowing backstage and 3D excerpt of Satisfaction recently shot in London when the band played two amazing nights in Hyde Park in 2013.

The exhibition pleases the fans and the creative minds.