Robert Mapplethorpe curated by Juergen Teller



The fascination for Robert Mapplethorpe seems to be endless. Following on Raf Simons’ recent collection  and to coincide with Robert Mapplethorpe’s 70th birthday, Juergen Teller, will be curating an exhibition of the Mapplethorpe’s work at London’s Alison Jacques Gallery. Patti Smith will probably be in the audience.

Presented next November, the show will focus on Mapplethorpe and Teller’s similarities, and their respective connections with sex, celebrities, bodies and the use of black and white.

“There are obvious parallels between these artists and I am excited to see how Juergen will bring his edge, energy and unique vision to a new reading of Robert’s work.” – Alison Jacques said about the choice of curator in July 2016.

Image: “Patti Smith”, 1978, New York, Fondation Robert Mapplethorpe © Robert Mapplethorpe Foundation. Used by permission.