Henry Holland focuses on ceramics

During the pandemic, Henry Holland had an epiphany. He shifted from fashion to ceramics. The result of his new orientation is a collection of hand built ceramics and homeware projects.

The former Creative Director of fashion label House of Holland, Henry first discovered a love of ceramics during the global lockdown when he was unable to go back to his Hackney studio. He slowly moved away from fashion to focus on made-to-order ceramics inspired by contemporary interpretations of Nerikomi, a Japanese decorative colour-block technique.

The artist quickly fell in love with the meditative process of building each piece by hand, which provided a new, and welcome pace of working,

The slow technique of stacking, folding and rolling coloured clay into slabs, then hand moulding them into functional shapes, means that each piece is organic in nature, and impossible to recreate. Each object is unique with the combined colour combinations of the different earthenware clays, creating Henry’s signature colour combinations and patterns.

“It is a privilege to design beautiful things that people are willing to live with, says Henry. “To contribute to someone’s personal environment  in this way, to be treasured, and to build treasured things, that’s the kind of connection we are all looking for.”