Donna Huanca’s immersive installation at Arnolfini, Bristol

Donna Huanca’s interdisciplinary practice has evolved across painting, sculpture, performance, choreography, video, and sound, crafting a unique visual language. She’s currently the subject of an immersive exhibition presented at the Arnolfini in Bristol until end of May. The artist has exhibited around the world and her work is present in reputable international collections.

CUEVA DE COPAL, is a new and immersive site-specific installation drawing on the architecture of the space and plunging visitors into a sound and cocoon-like environment made of sand, blue paint and organic elements. The installation integrates ideas explored through previous installations, in which Huanca has transformed the masonic temple of Marciano Art Foundation in Los Angeles, the early-18th century palace of the Belvedere Museum in Vienna, and the high desert landscape surrounding the Ballroom Marfa in Texas.

Building on past remnants of her own work, Huanca excavates and layers, transforming her live ‘skin’ paintings into new multi-layered and hybrid forms that sit somewhere between performance, sculpture, photography, and painting. Explored within the darkness of CUEVA DE COPAL, these bodily forms take on new lives enhanced by sound, scent, and texture.