Anni and Josef Albers at Musée d’Art Moderne de Paris

“Learn to see and to feel life; that is, cultivate imagination, because there are still marvels in the world, because life is a mystery and always will be. But be aware of it.” Josef Albers once said.

Musée d’Art Moderne de Paris presents a stunning retrospective exhibition of works by Josef and Anni Albers. “L’art et la vie” runs until 9 January 2022 and dives into the lives and oeuvre of one of the most talented artists’ couple. The Albers changed the course of art history through innovation, poetry, and freedom.

Exploring their creative and collaborative relationship, more than 350 works including paintings, photographs, furniture, drawings, textiles reveal Anni and Josef Albers’ mutual interest for art and craft, as well as their continuous professional symbiosis. The exhibition showcases the work of a lifetime and highlights their fundamental philosophy based on creative education. Not only did they create an oeuvre now considered the basis of modernism, they also passed on their educative values to a whole new generation of artists.

The inaugural section of the exhibition, chronologically focusing on the period ranging between 1920 to 1933, brings together the artists’ output from the Bauhaus. The couple’s departure for the United States in 1933 marks the beginning of the second part of the show, dedicated to the works produced at Black Mountain College. Two other highlights include a selection of Anni’s Pictorial Weavings and Josef’s iconic Homages to the Square. Anni’s graphic work closes the exhibition which she began with Josef in the 1960s and continued until the end of her own life.