Doron Langberg: Give Me Love runs at Victoria Miro

‘Painting for me is a place where experience originates, a more sublimated, distilled version that feels more real than in our lives.’ — Doron Langberg said about his practice.

Israel-born NY-based painter Langberg’s most recent commercial exhibition ‘Give Me Love’, runs on the ground floor of the spectacular Wharf Road location of Victoria Miro in London until 6 November 2021. Langberg’s new large-scale paintings explore ideas of the self, in relation with nature, community, and queer intimacy.

The artist’s career is currently sky rocketing with multiple shows around the world and strong interest from curators and collectors alike.

Not only do these new paintings continue the artist’s examination of colour through gestures and textures, personal matters such as the loss of his sister and the impossibility to go home or grief with his family due to covid 19 in 2020 deeply impacted Langberg’s art and oeuvre. Moved by these difficult experiences, he also featured portraits of his siblings in these new paintings. Their turbulent and dynamic hues of colour, thick surfaces echo Langberg’s attempt to grapple with existential themes such as the finality of death.

‘Any distance between us’, which explores the power and significance of intimate relationships in works of contemporary art, concurrently runs at RISD Museum, Providence, Rhode Island (until 13 March 2022) and showcases works by Langberg.