Ordovas presents Bacon / Beard’s Wild Life


Wild Life: Francis Bacon and Peter Beard, presented at Ordovas on Cork Street until 16 July looks at the relationship between Francis Bacon and photographer Peter Beard.

Beard first met Bacon in 1967, at his exhibition at the Marlborough New London Gallery. The two became friends and admirers of each other’s work and mirrored their artistic practices on many occasions incorporating both influences on their visual language.

‘Over the years, Peter Beard has given me many of his beautiful photographs. For me the most poignant are the ones of decomposing elephants where, over time, as they disintegrate, the bones form magnificent sculptures, which are not just abstract forms, but have all the memory traces of life’s futility and despair.’ Francis Bacon reflected on his friendship with Beard.

Organised in collaboration with Peter Beard’s Estate, the exhibition places Beard’s work side by side with Bacon’s paintings for the first time, along with unseen materials from Beard’s archives including letters and photographs gifted to Bacon, and, most importantly, Beard’s diaries, which served as the genesis for his art.