Closed Eyes at Perrotin in Paris

Edited by Claire Dorn. Copyright Perrotin.

‘When I was six or seven years old, I was convinced there were two lives: one where you lived with your eyes open, the other where you lived with your eyes closed.’ Federico Fellini said. His Book of Dreams inspired an exhibition of paintings staged at Galerie Perrotin in Paris by emerging artists.

Running until 27th March, the gallery’s 76 Rue de Turenne location spotlights the works of artists Alex Foxton, Simon Martin, Elizabeth Glaessner, Paolo Salvador and Mathilde Denize. The artists implicitly dialogue through their works and share their visions of dreaming. Closed Eyes explores ideas of mental confusion, nightmares and delirium. The stunning exhibition runs until 27th March 2021.

How do nocturnal wanderings impact creation? Fellini reflected on that question through the Book of Dreams and this exhibition is a response to these night meditations. While the covid crisis seriously causes sleep troubles for a lot of people, this exhibition brilliantly responds to mental health issues through imaginary, often surrealist-related compositions by this group of very talented artists and surely the next generation of painters.

Highlights include new works by French artist Simon Martin which takes its inspiration in photographic art and introduces real tension between reality and dreams, fantasy and the truth of bodies and identities.

Alex Foxton’s colourful portraits are instantly recognisable and highly desirable. Shapes are used by the artist to define manhood and to examine the representation of the body. The exclusive interview Alex Foxton gave Art is Alive is featured here.

Image: Simon Martin, Sur le lit, ton t-shirt at la clarte du jour, 2020.