David Hockney: A Life by Catherine Cusset

“Most artists, good artists, trust their intuition. I trust mine. Sometimes it leads you to make mistakes, but that hardly matters…There is no such thing as failure, you just learn from it and go on. That’s the way I see it.” David Hockney said about his approach to art making.

Hockney is undoubtedly today’s most famous artist. His ambitious oeuvre covers the full spectrum of media, from painting, drawing, photographic collages to full-scale opera stage sets and an intensive art historical study of the optical devices of Old Masters. He recently relocated to Normandy, continuing a body of work as distinct as it is plural and here by reinventing himself, again.

Arcadia Books publishes David Hockney: A Life by best-selling and Prix Goncourt shortlisted novelist Catherine Cusset. Compiled from published biographies and interviews with the artist, A Life expresses Hockney’s absolute epicurean freedom, both creatively and personally. From his Royal College of Art’s education to his departure for California and NY, the book follows his artistic vision and incredible life.

“This is a novel. All facts are true, but I have imagined feelings, thoughts, and dialogue. […] This portrait reflects my vision of David Hockney, even if it was he, his work, his words that inspired me. I hope the artist will consider this an homage” the author wrote in the preface of the book. “Catherine Cusset’s book caught a lot of me. I could recognise myself.” Hockney replied; a fantastic compliment.