Damien Hirst: End of a Century

Newport Street Gallery opened in 2015 to present excerpts from Hirst’s collection which includes Pablo Picasso, Sarah Lucas and Richard Prince works among others. And for free; a noble gesture by one of the most talked-about artists.

At the time, curator Hugh Allan, told the Guardian that Hirst’s work would not be exhibited in the remarkable space designed by Caruso St John. But artists change and evolve.

The recently-inaugurated exhibition, titled End of a Century is presented until 7 March 2021 and features more than 50 installations, sculptures and paintings from the 1980s and 1990s, when Hirst, at his conceptual apogee, led the Young British Artists movement.

Quotes on the walls help understand the artist’s framework and contextualise the installations comprising Blue Jeans Shirt (“A denim shirt is an anagram of Damien Hirst”), medicine cabinets, bloody cow’s head tank, spot paintings, Natural History boxes, sharks pickled in formaldehyde and spot paintings.

The exhibition explores Hirst’s central themes of death, science, rock’n’roll and religion.

Image: Damien Hirst’s Myth Explored, Explained, Exploded (1993) will be included in the show Courtesy of the artist.