Visit La Casa Azul, Frida Kahlo’s house and museum

Frida Kahlo’s museum and house, also known as La Casa Azul, located in the suburbs of Mexico City, is now available to view online, thanks to Google Arts & Culture.

Situated at 247 de la Calle de Londres in the centre of Coyoacán, La Casa Azul (The Blue House) is the former house of Frida Kahlo and her family. It is now viewable online and remains the perfect visit while on lockdown.

Kahlo was born in this house, lived there most of her life, and died there. It was also extended by fellow artist and lover Diego Rivera. Trotsky stayed there and Kahlo had a short affair with him. This is a house that is forever-marked by personal, artistic and political history.

The gardens are wonderful, dotted with cacti, and the house is immediately recognisable thanks to its iconic blue facade. Glimpses of her private life are given through Kahlo’s preserved dresses, corsets, jewelry, makeup and personal objects. A must-see, even online.