R.I.P Germano Celant

Storico dell'Arte Germano Celant © Giovanni Del Brenna / LUZphoto

“He does not accept description and representation of the exterior aspects of nature and life (also they are mass-media) and takes into consideration the special aspect – also those offered by micro-organisms (not very striking but very active). He is interested in placing in the right perspective the minor biomorphic and ecological facts, that can be compared with those that are bigger, more striking but relatively inert; and with the apparent banality of natural and vital facts, he returns to the marvellous. Thus, he rediscovers the magic (of chemical composition and reaction), the inexorableness (of vegetable growth), the precariousness (of material), the falseness (of senses), the realness (of a natural desert, a forgotten lake, the sea, the snow, the forest) – the instability of a biophysical reaction – thus become discovered as an instrument of consciousness in relation to a larger comprehensive acquisition of nature.” — Germano Celant Introduction to Art Povera (1969)