Inside Tangier Houses & Gardens by Vendome Press

Tangier remains enthralled with a legendary aura. Perhaps because so many artists came to the Moroccan city to get lost, drunk and open up to mystic experiences (often involving drugs and sex).

The city that Francis Bacon, William Burroughs, Yves Saint Laurent, Paul Bowles, and Jim Ede loved so much, is celebrated through some of its most beautiful, intimate houses in a new stunning book titled Inside Tangier, Houses & Gardens, published by Vendome Press.

Nicolò Castellini Baldissera takes us on a literary and visual tour of the most extravagant, sumptuous and charming houses of Tangier. Striking photos by Guido Taroni and a fascinating foreword by Hamish Bowles transport us to the sunny terraces, the golden bedrooms and the zellige-tiled kitchens of some of the most spectacular properties.

“Each one of these houses, however, is alchemically transformed by the magic of the diamond Moroccan light, so that in fact it could exist nowhere else but here, in this strange, fast-changing place, ugly and beautiful by turns, lapped by the Mediterranean on one side and lashed by the unforgiving Atlantic on the other.” Hamish Bowles says in his foreword.

Inside Tangier, Houses & Gardens is a luxury book that will immediately make you want to book a trip to this iconic city and explore its pathways, alleys and back gardens. Don’t wait.