“A night in Shanghai” by Saint Laurent

Following films by Daido Moriyama, Vanessa Beecroft, Bret Easton Ellis and Gaspar Noé, Saint Laurent commissions Chinese artist Wong Kar Wai and director Wing Shya for a short film titled ‘A night in Shanghai’ as part of Saint Laurent SELF 05.

Supervised by Anthony Vaccarello, Saint Laurent’s creative director, the project dives into the idea of the self through an endless night in the chaotic city of Shanghai. Led by model Xiao Wen Ju  who poetically appears to be moved by the desire to express herself, the film is artistically beautiful.

It was exclusively presented through an immersive screen-installation staged at Yuz Museum in Shanghai art district, accessible to public from the 22nd until the 24th of November.

‘Saint Laurent is unique, distinctive among high fashion.’ Wong Kar Wai said about the iconic brand.

Image: © Courtesy of Saint Laurent