The Van Gogh house in London showcases Kate Bright

Following significant restoration, the Van Gogh House, located in Brixton, London, celebrates Vincent van Gogh’s time in the UK. He lived at this location between 1873 and 1874.

87 Hackford Road honours the artist’s legacy by hosting emerging artists, guided tours, and exhibitions, the latest of which is a show of paintings by Kate Bright. Examining the seductive refraction of light in fountains and ponds as well as the piercing brilliance of sunlight on snow, Bright’s paintings feature glitter, resin, glass and polystyrene on their shiny surfaces. The depiction of leaves and nature environments create illusory experiences, expanding the possibilities for contemporary realism in compositions.

“Is Kate Bright a realist, or some kind of perverse abstractionist, using nature as a back door to Pollock-esque all-over gesturalism? The fact is, I’m not sure those distinctions mean much to her. More to the point is the synthetic reconstruction of vision that is only possible when image and abstraction are confounded.” Barry Schwabsky, asked and said about Bright’s paintings. Deadhead runs until 20th February 2020.