Luchita Hurtado at Serpentine Gallery

I Live I Die I Will be Reborn, presented at the Serpentine Gallery until 20th October, traces Hurtado’s brilliant eighty-year career. In her work, the Venezuelan artist takes on unexpected perspectives, looking at the sky, or looking straight down the body here by offering a vision of humankind that is part of the world and embedded in nature. Often associated to movements such as the Dynaton Group, Surrealism or Magical Realism, the plurality of styles and techniques that mark Hurtado’s eighty years of working speak to the geographies and events that have shaped her life.

An artist of many talents, who continues to explore the full spectrum of creativity (fashion, poetry), Hurtado is also known for her activism. The newest works in the exhibition, completed during the past twelve months and exhibited here for the first time, reveal Hurtado’s continuing relevance to contemporary environmental and political issues in their bold slogans, their echoed forms of figures and trees, and references to the human life cycle.

Image: credit Luchita Hurtado and Serpentine.