NOAH x the Whitney Museum Shop ‘What Color Are You?’

Noah commissioned dye artist Jasmine Plantin to create 200 one of a kind, hand dyed hooded sweatshirts — each a different shade of the color spectrum, thus furthering the idea that colors can be experienced beyond conventional labels. This collaboration is for sale at the Whitney Museum’s shop in NYC. Every purchase made at the Whitney Shop supports the museum and its programs with 100% of the profit from every purchase benefitting the museum.

An additional ‘campaign sweatshirt’ features a silkscreen print of the starling bird. To complement and enhance the partnership, installations are set up in both the Noah flagship and the Whitney Shop featuring campaign photography and a video showcasing New Yorkers from all walks of life, including some familiar faces, that represent the diversity of the city.

The Whitney Shop is located on the First Floor in the Lobby of the Whitney Museum and is dedicated to promoting lasting connections between our visitors and the ever-changing perspectives represented by the museum’s collections and exhibitions.

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