Stanley Kubrick at the Design Museum

Presented at the Design Museum in London until 15th September 2019, ‘Stanley Kubrick: the exhibition’ explores the oeuvre, life and iconic visuals of the genius filmmaker that is Kubrick. His vision, innovations, design collaborations and city of London are major themes of this impressive exhibition.

Marking the 20th anniversary of Stanley Kubrick’s death, the exhibition showcases his unique command of the whole creative design process of film making, from editing, designing, directing, writing, story telling and filming.

‘Stanley Kubrick: The Exhibition’ gives a rare glimpse into his archive through the recreation of studios, behind the scenes photos, props, costumes, and models. The fantastic show demonstrates Kubrick’s interest in themes related to psychology, eternity, life and death. A detailed model of the Centrifuge-set that Kubrick had developed for 2001: A Space Odyssey and the original Centrifuge Control Panel prop – the only known remaining item from the original set are on view in the exhibition. Insights into Kubrick’s London are also examined. For Kubrick’s last completed film, he turned Worship Street in East London and Hatton Garden in the City, into parts of Greenwich Village in New York. Madame Jojo’s cabaret club in Soho was used as New York’s Sonata Café and even Hamley’s toy shop made an appearance in the film’s finale.

Commenting on the exhibition, Steven Spielberg said: “I defy anyone who just happens upon a Kubrick film while channel surging to try with all your might to change the station – I have found this to be impossible. So, to all film lovers and filmmakers, if you want to understand and experience how Stanley Kubrickcreated these unforgettable worlds don’t miss this wonderful exhibition at the DesignMuseum in London.”

It’s a must-see this year. The exhibition is probably one of the best staged in London at the moment so don’t miss it.


Image: Costume of Alex from A Clockwork Orange. Image by Ed Reeve.