Pipilotti Rist at Louisiana Museum

Since 1984, Rist has had numerous solo and group exhibitions, and video screenings worldwide. The exhibition currently presented at the Louisiana Museum in Copenhagen probably ranks among the best. Presented until 22nd September, ‘Åbn min lysning (Open My Glade)’ is the first major show of Rist’s work in Scandinavia. With her curious and lavish recordings of nature and her investigative eyes, Rist seeks to justify the privileged position we are born with, simply by being human.

Conceived as a succinct retrospective for the museum and in close collaboration with the artist herself, the incredible show spans the whole output of the artist’s oeuvre — from early works in the TV format to large spatial video and audio installations with projections on ceilings, walls and floors.

In her words the Louisiana Museum is “a pioneering museum that creates and connects new worlds.” She continues “the museum offers images of hope and enthusiasm and it reassures us that we are not alone.” The museum has the potential of being political and spiritual institute of inspiration and healing says the Swiss artist who in the first video featured above she gives us a very condensed presentation of herself and her way to Louisiana.

Pipilotti Rist is acclaimed for her exploration of the moving image and our sensing and arrangement of the world. Many formats and themes are interwoven in the artist’s oeuvre, which is at one and the same time high-technological and sensual, colourful and critical, weightless and body-bound. The camera is both eye and sense of touch, and external and internal images merge in the often psychedelic, symbol-laden spaces that range from the sensually playful, witty and free to immersions into more oppressive, existential depths.