Picasso – Birth of a Genius: the artist’s largest exhibition held in China

From June 15 – September 1, 2019, UCCA Center for Contemporary Art, Beijing, presents Picasso – Birth of a Genius, the most important exhibition of work by Pablo Picasso (1881-1973) ever to be staged in China.

Curated by Emilia Philippot, Head of Collections, Musée national Picasso-Paris, the exhibition is site-specific to UCCA and features around 34 paintings, 14 sculptures, and 55 works on paper from the first three decades of Picasso’s career. The exhibition unfolds throughout UCCA’s 1800-square-meter Great Hall, with exhibition design by Studio Adrien Gardère (SAG).

Picasso – Birth of a Genius grows out of a recognition of the significance of cultural and artistic relations between France and China. It’s part of the 2019 Festival Croisements, a bilateral cultural dialogue between China and France.

The stunning exhibition is curated in six sections: “The First Picasso,” which accounts for the artist’s artistic upbringing, when he produced works such as Study of a Torso, After a Plaster Cast (1893-1894); “Picasso Blue and Rose,” when the artist moved away from Post-Impressionism and slowly came up with a unique way of depicting subjects; works of which include Two Brothers (1906); “Picasso the Exorcist,” which saw his revolutionary experiments with form and space, producing artworks like Self-portrait (1906) and preparing his masterpiece, Les Demoiselles d’Avignon (Museum of Modern Art, New York, 1907); “Picasso the Cubist,” a period when he wrought an elaborate system of symbols and signs, producing works such as Man with a Mandolin (1911) and Man with Fireplace (1916); “Picasso the Chameleon,” which marked the artist’s turn towards classical revivalism, creating works such as The Lovers (1919) and Studies (1920), as well as designing the sets, costumes, and curtain for the Ballets Russes production of Le Tricorne (1919); and a final section which includes several notable paintings and sculptures produced between 1927 and 1972. Picasso, an absolute genius.