Body Disruptions by Alice Anderson

Body Disruptions, an impressive solo exhibition of works by London-based performative artist Alice Anderson is running at Waddington Custot until 10th May in London.

The exhibition explores the challenges that technologies present for humanity. To reach artistic conclusions, Anderson has specifically examined the culture of the Indiens Kogi, a community of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, Colombia, which celebrates humanity and nature through ancestral rituals. Through this process she bridges technology concerns with ritual-inspired gestures.

The exhibition culminates with five impressive and beautiful totems from the performative sculpture ‘Nuhé’ (2018) in the last room of the gallery. These totems have been woven over several collective performances to reach the total 21 structural elements of a nuhé, a temple and political gathering place for the Kogi community. In the ‘memorisation’ of ‘Nuhé’, performers  travelled around one of the two-metre high columns with copper-coloured wire recording the marks of their bodies’ disruptions. Copper is one of Anderson’s preferred means which references the artist’s interest in the connectivity of the digital world.

Other highlights include the Lost Gestures (2018) drawing series, which is made from the repetitive sign-making of crayon on paper of various computer keyboard symbols displayed on arrival. The rhythmic sound of the crayon repeatedly striking the surface of the paper initiates a dance performed by Ino Riga.