Here & There: Paintings by Lisa Milroy at Parasol Unit, London



Parasol unit foundation for contemporary art presents Lisa Milroy’s first institutional solo exhibition in London. Here and There: Paintings by Lisa Milroy brings together a selection of Lisa Milroy’s paintings from the past fifteen years, in which she explores her approach to still life through the lens of making, looking, touch and transformation.

The term ‘still life’ itself signals fundamental experiences of painting for Milroy in her fascination with the relation between stillness and movement, contemplation and action. In the 1980s Milroy’s paintings featured everyday objects depicted against an off-white ground, compositionally arranged in a grid or a random scatter and characterised by a quick gestural application of paint – her canvases took no more than a day to complete. In the 1990s, Milroy shifted from fast painting to a slower, more modulated approach. She began to paint objects within settings, which expanded her understanding of still life to embrace landscape, cityscape, architecture, portraiture and storytelling. During the 2000s, Milroy’s sense of experimentation has led her to explore painting through installation and performance.