Elmgreen & Dragset at the Whitechapel Gallery

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“This is How We Bite Our Tongue is an exhibition about emotions held inside, not said out loud. It is about withdrawal and resignation, about absence and impermanence, the feeling of loss, of losing agency as well as community. But it is also about reconciliation and resilience” Elmgreen & Dragset said about their new dramatic site-specific installation which will be unveiled in September 2018 at the Whitechapel Gallery in London. Six new sculptures and twenty-nine works created over 20 years of the artists’ career will also be on display in the exhibition.

Commissioned especially for the Whitechapel Gallery, Elmgreen & Dragset’s immersive new installation touches on London’s East End demographic changes and points to a loss of faith in public space in an era of austerity.

Transforming the ground-floor Gallery, the exhibition will invite views to question civic spaces and think about ideas of abandonment and hope. The exhibition will be running until January 2019 and we can’t wait.