Dalí: Poetics of the Small, 1929–1936

Working Title/Artist: The Accommodations of Desire Department: Modern Art Culture/Period/Location: HB/TOA Date Code: 11 Working Date: 1929 photographed by Malcolm Varon in 1988, transparency 3ad scanned by film & media 7/20/04 (phc)



From 9 September to 9 December, 2018, The Meadows Museum SMU Dallas will present an exhibition dedicated to Salvador Dalí’s works. The exhibition follows fascinating research undertaken upon the Meadows’ 2014 acquisition of Salvador Dalí’s painting The Fish Man (L’homme poisson, 1930) which led to study Dalí’s habit of painting on small-scale formats. The exhibition will also highlight Dalí’s inspiration from Dutch master Vermeer, who also worked on smaller sizes. Photography, as well as photomontage and collage, are also considered as influences to Dalí.

The exhibition focuses on the years between 1939 and 1936 when the Spanish artist mostly made small scale paintings. Nearly half of the approximately 200 known paintings completed by the artist during this time measure 33 cm / 13 inches or smaller.

In the exhibition, Claire Barry, director of conservation at the Kimbell Art Museum will give insights on the technicality of these paintings and Dalí’s artistic innovations and techniques during the 1930s.