Justine Youssef at the Centre for Contemporary Asian Art


Next November, the Centre for Contemporary Asian Art in Australia will present All Blessings, All Curses, an exhibition of recent and new works by Sydney-based artist Justine Youssef that will span the entire spectrum of media she uses including sculpture, video, installation and text.

In her body of work, Youssef looks at the difficult experiences of misunderstanding through the lens of faith, politics, personal memory and poetry. Youssef examines intimate every day situations that that she has lived through herself. Drawing from autobiography, the artist transforms casual occurrences into visual metaphors, instilling notions of resistance and identity.

Her work can be found in the collections of the National Association for the Visual Arts; the National Art School Drawing Archive; and the Sydney Gallery School. All Blessings, All Curses will run until 16 December 2018.