Comporta Bliss, By Carlos Souza, Charlene Shorto and Assouline

Continuing the excellent series on legendary summer destinations – Mykonos Muse and Ibiza Bohemia are remarkable coffee table books – Assouline publishes the gorgeous Comporta Bliss book thanks to the help of Carlos Souza and his ex-wife Charlene Shorto, former brand ambassadors for Valentino and other blue-chip fashion houses. “Many years ago I visited this paradise and fell in in love with the magical place,” Souza said about the dreamy Portuguese enclave.

Souza started as a photographer under the mentorship of Andy Warhol, for whom he used to photograph fashion shows for Interview. He is also an editor at large for Architectural Digest and was contributing editor for Interview. Together, they have compiled some of the most stunning visuals depicting Comporta interiors, landscapes, rustic charms and lifestyle, and interviewed the international creative community who spends their summer there. The result is this exceptional book on Portugal’s current hot spot.

Comporta is a picturesque and charming stretch of coastline beaches that haven’t been touched by massive property development / tourism or destroyed by commercial endeavours, yet. Instead, the likes of Jason Martin, Philippe Starck, Jacques Grange and Pierre Passebon, Anselm Kiefer, and Pedro Espírito Santo have historically built or renovated summer houses and applied the rules of excellent architecture (Aires Mateus and Pereira Miguel Arquitectos) and style to their residences. Comporta was recently made even more trendier by Madonna, who horse rides with her children in the dunes of nearby Carvalhal. She actively shows her trips on Instagram. Just over an hour’s drive south of Portugal’s capital, Lisbon, Comporta is a place where celebrities and artists go to relax in full discretion, and where most doors remain closed. “When I moved into my home in Carvalhal, my friend Karl Lagerfeld offered me a selection of the works of Eça de Queirós, one of the greatest Portuguese novelists, and I was totally seduced by his book Os Maias.” – Françoise Dumas.

Comporta Bliss opens the doors of all these beautiful spaces, from rustic cabanas, simple and graphic teckwood terraces, to thatched-roof huts.  They reflect the elegant bohemian meets gaucho art de vivre that has become Comporta’s hallmark.

This spirit of Comporta is perfectly encapsulated in this amazing book which is punctuated by quotes from all these creative talents. Within these pages, the region’s characteristic Yves Klein cobalt blue glows from the sky and ocean to the walls, shutters, and artefacts that decorate its homes, both chic and bold.