Gucci to present its Cruise 2019 collection in Van Gogh’s city: Arles


“For me, reworking the past over and over again is a way not to trivialise the garments and not to obsess over hem lengths. What I am interested in, as a matter of fact, is telling a story and, if someone sees fragments of other stories in it, be my guest. I don’t have to justify myself. What is urgent for me is what I want to say.”  Alessandro Michele, Gucci’s artistic director recently told Vogue Italia.

On 30 May 2018, Italian superbrand Gucci will stage its 2019 Cruise Collection in Arles, Provence, a city famous for Van Gogh, Christian Lacroix, its Roman presence, and more recently the fantastic Photo festival held every summer, the Actes Sud publishing house and the LUMA Foundation.

Following iconic and historical sites including New York’s Dia Art Foundation in 2015, Westminster Abbey in London in 2016, the Palatina Gallery in Florence’s Palazzo Pitti last May, the Alyscamps, a UNESCO World Heritage necropolis will host Gucci’s extravaganza. In the past, Michele also tried to get the Parthenon in Athens but faced resistance from the Mayor of Athens.

Beyond Van Gogh and Paul Gauguin’s paintings of Les Alyscamps, the relics of Saint Trophimus, the Aurelian way and of course the presence of Julius Caesar’s Empire in the city of Arles must have offered a path to “rework the past” for Michele.



Edouard Baldus, Cimetiere Romain, les Alyscamps, © 2017 James Hyman Gallery
Les Alyscamps, Paul Gauguin, 1888