Calvin Klein partners with the Andy Warhol Foundation


Following a Robert Mapplethorpe’s inspired collection (Mapplethorpe was friends with Warhol), Raf Simons, creative director of Calvin Klein signed a deal with the Andy Warhol Foundation to support the foundation’s activities. CK will have access to Warhol’s published and unpublished works and use this imagery for the clothes. The partnership also extends to licensing projects and future ad campaigns for Calvin Klein.

“Warhol captured all sides of the American experience, including sometimes its darker sides. Warhol’s art tells more truths about this country than you can find almost anywhere else.” Raf Simons said.

Paintings and portraits by Warhol including Elvis 11 Times, Ambulance Disaster and Statue of Liberty, Dan Flavin, Richard Prince, and Sterling Ruby, a frequent collaborator of Simons, served as a backdrop to the “American Classics” campaign orchestrated by Simons that featured models in Calvin Klein clothes looking at artworks. The Calvin Klein 205W39NYC spring 2018 collection also featured Warhol’s artwork as screen prints.

“We are proud that Raf’s visionary work at Calvin Klein will unabashedly embrace all facets of Warhol’s work and generously contribute to the foundation’s endowment,” added Michael Dayton Hermann, Director of Licensing at the Warhol Foundation.