Baldessari explores emojis


Sprüth Magers presents an exhibition of new works by Californian ‘giant’ John Baldessari in the gallery’s L.A space until 9 December. The exhibition includes twenty-seven works from Baldessari’s large-scale paintings based on 21st century communication mode: Emojis.

Spanning the full spectrum of the arts, ranging from painting, photography, sculpture and video, Baldessari’s oeuvre is nearly impossible to classify. His visuals explore semantics, symbolism, interpretation, often juxtaposing unrelated visuals and words.

Created earlier this year, the Emoji paintings focus on the complex ways in which we exchange and interpret information. Increasingly used every day, emojis often complicate users due to their equivocal nature and the non-fixed meaning, an enduring theme explored by the artist.

By focusing on the plurality of potential meanings behind contemporary semantics, Baldessari’s new series of paintings interrogate both the ambiguity, and cultural-specificity, of images as indefinable in meaning as the icons themselves.

From November 2017 – April 2018 the Museo Jumex in Mexico City presents the exhibition Learning to Read with John Baldessari, a retrospective of Baldessari’s work.