Katrine Giæver at Galerie Riis Oslo



Katrine Giæver’s interest lies in the nature and inherent properties of applying colours on various surfaces as well as experimenting with folding the supporting material. Galerie Riis Oslo presents an exhibition of new works by the Norwegian artist. Her work is included in The National Museum of Art, Architecture and Design in Oslo as well as corporate and private collections.

Her new series on view in the exhibition, focuses on acrylic paint applied on hard surfaces such as alucore and plywood with spatula in heavy, solid overlapping layers.

To add to the thick layers of paint, in several of these works Giæver has lifted and folded the corners of some of the works to introduce diagonal directions otherwise dominated by rectangles. Experimenting with repeated dipping of sheets of paper allowed the artist to experiment with more complex compositions, which Giæver has perfected in a series of smaller and medium sized works on raw linen canvas that have been dipped and mounted on stretcher frames. The traditional concept of painting and compositional elements are given a twist in this new series on view until 22 December.