Picasso 1932. Année Erotique at Musée Picasso-Paris

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“The work that one does is a way of keeping his journal,” – Pablo Picasso.

The Picasso Museum in Paris located in the exquisite Hôtel Salé – built between 1656 and 1660 by architect Jean Boullier for Pierre Aubert, Lord of Fontenay and featuring furniture by Diego Giacometti – in collaboration with Tate Modern, presents Picasso 1932. Année Erotique a chronological exhibition exploring the artist’s work and private life between 1 January to 31 December 1932. From 2 January to 14 March, Picasso painted a fascinating sequence of twenty-five paintings with erotic connotations, often based on the figure of his then-muse and model MarieThérèse Walter. The title is probably a nod to Jane Birkin and Serge Gainsbourg’s song “69 année érotique”.

Featuring iconic paintings such as Le Rêve, Woman Reading, Woman Sitting in a Red Armchair, the exhibition is a tour de force which includes drawings, engravings and sculptures. Picasso 1932 follows the artist in his day-to-day creative process, his travels – from his castle of Boisgeloup to Switzerland – and his daily  life events – from hanging out with Jean Cocteau, attending Cirque Calder, preparing his first retrospective at Galerie Georges Petit in Paris and working on the publication of his first special issue of Cahiers d’art. Highlights include the recreation of some parts of the exhibition staged at Galerie Georges Petit and significant archival materials including personal photos, letters and diaries.

Picasso 1932. Année Erotique is curated by Laurence Madeline, Chief Curator of Heritage and Virginie Pedrisot, Curator at Musee Picasso-Paris and runs until 11 February 2018.

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