John Bellany x David Bowie at Fortnum&Mason


Right on time for Frieze Art Fair, Fortnum & Mason, the iconic luxury superstore in central London, currently features paintings and photographies by John Bellany (1942 – 2013) in its windows. Art collectors and art aficionados browsing the auction houses and galleries of St James will appreciate the paintings by an artist who often spoke about his friendship with David Bowie. They knew each others since the 1980s and Bowie was a great collector of Bellany’s works.

“The painting is one [John] did from memory of their [first] meeting. It sort of expresses the great friendship and deep affinity they found within each other. It was such an affirming moment when they found each other and it boosted his life when he was very weak and frail. That’s how important that friendship was.” Bellany’s wife described their relationship to the Evening Standard.

Curated by Robert Upstone, former Head of Modern British Art at Tate, the display is drawn from Frank Cohen’s extensive private collection and it’s the second edition of this artistic initiative with Fortnum & Mason.