Matisse in the Studio, Royal Academy



Matisse in the Studio, presented at the Royal Academy of Arts in London until 12th November, juxtaposes the objects the French master loved alongside paintings, sculptures, drawing and prints he composed throughout his life. These are obviously inspired by the intrinsic qualities and the design of these objects. The translation from the reality of these objects into his paintings is obvious in this well-curated exhibition which features 35 items he collected during his trips to Corsica, Morocco and the US for example. A quirky vase here, a rococo chair there, these objects never stopped influencing his art.

This exhibition provides an insight into the artist’s intimacy with his studio and the objects he cherished. The materialistic side of Matisse and the disparate items he amassed definitely resonate with his genius.



The Italian Woman, 1916, one of Matisse’s many portraits of women The Solomon R. Guggenheim Foundation/Art Resource, New York.
20th century cotton cloth from the artist’s studio. Photograph: © François Fernandez, Nice