Dos studio Moises Nieto and Valerio Canals

DOS STUDIO is a new creative duo made of Moisés Nieto and Valerio Canals, and based in Madrid. With an ambition to place their design at the crossroads of fashion and architecture, their style is meant for modern men who have an affinity with noble values such as sustainability and cultural curiosity. Slowly establishing their brand – which ranges from design pieces to clothes – as a must-have, they talk to Art is Alive.

What’s the inspiration for the recent collection?
The collection aims to project a minimalist vision of the contemporary present. New Life and Sustainability are the concepts and inspiration behind each of DOS STUDIO garment, with materials carefully selected and crafted by the designers.

What’s the story and the essence of the brand?
DOS STUDIO is a new collaborative project for men, which seeks to bring together two seemingly different disciplines: fashion and architecture. Designed with contemporary creative men in mind, DOS STUDIO seeks to respond to cultural concerns, directed at an audience with intellectual appetite and cultural curiosity, people who want to go a bit further than the everyday wares they are accustomed to.

When was it founded?
In 2017 in Madrid.

Who are your heroes?
Everyone who fights for their dreams.

Are you showing during fashion week and which one: IFEMA?
We are seeking to show the collections in a very different way, more personalised and less cold than just a runway show… This is why we decided to launch the project at bd-Madrid, one of the most recognized furniture stores in Madrid, so as to express our commitment with the transverse spirit of DOS STUDIO, a project that combines fashion and product design.

Your tastes in contemporary art?
Varied, it even depends on the mood… but if we have to mention someone, we are fascinated by the work of Elena Alonso.

Next projects or collections?
We are already working on the next collection as well as on more objects that differ from everyday life, from decoration to household linen. The aim of DOS STUDIO project is to be open to further collaboration with other professionals, industrial product design and furniture.

Image: Portrait of Moisés Nieto