Etel Adnan at Institut du Monde Arabe


Artist, designer, essayist, poet, writer, and playwright, Etel Adnan is the subject of an exhibition at Institut du Monde Arabe in Paris running until 1 January 2017. The exhibition is divided into four sections, exploring all aspects of her work. A powerful voice for global feminism, an activist in the poets’ movement against the Vietnam War, Etel Adnan also used her artistry to fight against the civil war of her native Lebanon.

The artistic production of the Lebanese-American artist bears the influence of her many travels and places of residence as evidenced by the drawings exploring the themes of bridges, leporellos and cities such as Beirut, New York and Paris. She currently lives between Beirut and Paris. Her short film she shot in 1982 from a window in New York is also in view this retrospective which features Persian tapestry, oil paintings and further materials.





Copyright: Etel Adnan