Galerie Eric Dupont presents Take Time, an exhibition of new work by Sandro Kopp

1475212089-5e020_0.jpgGalerie Eric Dupont presents an exhibition of new works by Sandro Kopp at 138 Rue du Temple in Paris.

“I think that the whole notion of painting being passé – that other media have supremacy – has been disproved of since the early 90s. Nowadays anyone can do anything. If it happens to take the form of painting, then that’s fine, if it’s a cube filled with steam for instance, then that’s fine as well. You need your own personal touch. It’s apparent that nowadays, the actual form that you take is secondary.

Another artist I love is Peter Doig, he’s a real example of someone who goes his own way through paint. I saw the big show in Edinburgh, and thought it was completely fresh. Every piece was different from the one next to it and created a universe of it’s own, yet at the same time each was completely cohesive with his sensibility.” Sandro told Art is Alive a few years in a fantastic interview that can be found here.

The exhibition, which runs until 29 October 2016, features new works that continue to push the boundaries of portrait.

Image: Take Time II, Courtesy Sandro Kopp and Galerie Eric Dupont