Joseph Beuys A Language of Drawing at National Galleries, Scotland


Joseph Beuys A Language of Drawing is presented at the National Gallery of Modern Art in Scotland, to coincide with the Edinburgh Art Festival. This is a chance to see for the first time, the extraordinary group of over 110 drawings by the German Fluxus, sculptor, draughtsman, creator of action-performances, political leader and teacher, normally held in the ARTIST ROOMS collection. The works span the whole of the artist’s career from 1945 to the end of his life, reflecting his interest in Humanism, science and politics.

 In the Luftwaffe 1940-5, part of the time as dive-bomber pilot. Shot down over the Crimea in a snowstorm in 1943, badly wounded and looked after for some days by Tartars, at least rumour has it. His interest in Rudolf Steiner, Christianity, mythology, botany and zoology led him to evolve a rich and complex symbolism, including archetypal animal images of hares, sheep, swans, bees, etc.