Leonor Antunes at CAPC Bordeaux



Following her critically-acclaimed shows at the Perez Art Museum in Miami, in 2014, and at the New Museum in New York, last summer, the Portuguese Berlin-based artist presented a very strong exhibition at the CAPC Contemporary Art Museum of Bordeaux. The exhibition closed on 17 April.

Leonor Antunes’s work often refers the legacy of modernism and its specific geometrical patterns, as well as forms and structures developed by architects and designers of early 20th century.

Mathematics, measures, scales and the beauty of certain proportions fuel her practice. Her works enter a dialogue with the spaces they occupy, be it through the way they echo the architecture surrounding them, or by her use of the proportions as tools to develop each new installation. Antunes is particularly mindful of the elegance of handcraft, starting with that of her native country, Portugal, and her preferred materials include cork, leather, brass and cordage.

For this exhibition, borrowing its title from Anni Albers’s 1957 essay “The Pliable Plane,” the artist used the 1,500 square meters of the floor of the Nave and display around, and above, this monumental space a series of large scale works, some of them inspired by Anni Albers’s fabric designs, others informed with Lina Bo Bardi’s architectural work. Leonor Antunes’s works will enter a dialogue with the building, echoing both the commercial history of this 19th century construction and the cultural legacy of modernism.



Image: Copyright Nick Hash.