Teresa Freitas

Portuguese artist Teresa Freitas has become an Instagam sensation. Her well-crafted pictures mix photography, poetry, pastel colours and visual illusions. Sometimes mysterious, sometimes relaxing, her art draws from Magritte’s world.

I had the chance to catch up with her on her upcoming projects, favourite artists, and native Portugal.

Tell us about yourself as an introduction?
I’m from Cascais, a village by the sea in Lisbon, Portugal. I’m an art and design student, finishing my master thesis on Design and New media, while working on audiovisuals and content management. I love the sea. I love seafood.

How did it all start?
When I discovered instagram I was immediately hooked. I started taking pictures of my walks through Lisbon and other places. I felt something was missing, because those images didn’t seem very unique to me. I wanted to give more of myself, so I started to create pictures for instagram, instead of “just” photographing.

What’s the main theme in your work?
There’s not really a theme as there is a surreal feel to my pictures. I take different types of photos and use different types of editing, although I’ve done short series that have a common theme, my gallery is constantly changing.

Are you preparing an exhibition of your photos?
No, but I am planning a digital series in the field of conceptual photography that make up for a possible exhibition.
2015-06-07 07.49.47 1


Are you represented by a gallery?
No, for now Instagram and taking pictures has been more of a hobby than anything else.Is Lisbon and Portugal an inspiration?
Lisbon is a huge inspiration, thanks to its bright light and its proximity to the sea. The colours of the buildings and the architecture of some neighbourhoods make me dream about colour and give me a huge sense of nostalgia. The ever-changing horizon and clouds have a huge influence on my images.

If you could work with another artist, who would it be?
Willy Wonka.

2014-11-18 05.23.42 2

What’s your next project?
A series of photographs about our relationship with screens (that’s all I can say for now!).