Pace London presents Everything falls faster than an anvil

Curated by CHEWDAY’S, the exhibition, presented at Pace London, 6-10 Lexington Street, features work from emerging artists such as Catharine Ahearn, Alistair Frost, among many other great talents, in dialogue with established contemporary art figures such as Philip Guston and John Wesley, as well as Pace artists Yoshitomo Nara, Claes Oldenburg and one of my favourite artists Paul Thek.Taken from O’Donnells Laws of Cartoon Motion , the exhibition title describes how, in ‘cartoon physics’, a falling anvil will always land directly upon a character’s head, regardless of the time gap between the body and the anvil’s respective drop. Utilizing this suspension of natural law, that the cartoon medium allows, as well as comic tropes of parody, juxtaposition, enlargement of scale, inversion of physical properties and/or the appropriation of cartoon aesthetics/symbolism, these artists operate under the veneer of popular culture to explore private meanings, the unconscious and darker social issues – as well as reflecting, with wit, on the nature of their chosen medium.

Carl Ostendarp’s  wall-to-ceiling drip murals provide an interesting context for the exhibition.


Images: Courtesy Pace London